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Call us for:

  • Water Heater Repair & Installation including Tankless Water Heaters
  • Video Pipe Inspection
  • Leak Detection
  • Copper Pipe Repair & Installation 
  • Faucet & Sink Repair & Installation
  • Sewers Repaired & Replaced including Trenchless Sewers
  • Clogged Drains
  • Gas Pipe Repair & Installation
  • All work is performed to California Building Code specifications

 Our goal is to get the hot water this again now!

Started business since 1982 and currently serve in the entire Bay Area and much of california, usually send a technician the same day, if you cal before 12 noon. If you find yourself without hot water tank is leaking, call us at 415-850-5530 OR 415-606-9255.
Installation and repair of traditional storage heaters and hot water heaters hot water. If the heat has turned cold, you better think fast! Make the call please.


  PO Box 307 Ca 94083, South San Francisco, Ca



Date: 08/19/2017

By: Smithk490

Subject: John

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Date: 08/05/2015

By: Marilyn

Subject: Fantastic service

Eddy, Senior and Eddy, Junior have come to my home to fix plumbing issues many times over the past many years. They will come right away for an emergency or fit in a non-emergency problem within a few days. For many years, they fixed various plumbing issues while I was at work or after I got home.
They are very caring and result oriented. A fantastic family business. Instead of panicking when I have a plumbing problem, I call Eddy's. Well I did panic once, as I was going to Hawaii and my plumbing was backing up, but I got ahold of Eddy senior while I was at the airport and the problem was resolved by the time I landed in Hawaii. I couldn't be more pleased and they are a very nice family.



Date: 05/09/2014

By: dave

Subject: shower leak

I have a leak in the shower that only happens when I turn on the shower.
It is a 3 stem valve, galvanized steel pipe.

please call for estimate and repair

699 sylvan st, daly city, ca


dave - owner



Date: 03/14/2012

By: John C.

Subject: Hayward, CA

absolutley perfect!!!!!
Family man that understands exactly what to do. Eddy came out to help with a couple of plumbing additions and problems. The family came out and helped out tremendously. He even explained what I could do to improve some of the things with my home. Definately the company to call when I need something done on the fly again, work was done up to code and in time.



Date: 01/09/2012

By: Chritine Lisa B

Subject: San Mateo

We had a clog for months and had another plumbing company come and fix it but after a few months. A clog again. I called Eddys Plumbing and with his expertise he was able to fix our plumbing and we haven't had any problems and its been almost a year. Sorry my post is late, I just became a member. If you want a qualified plumber to do the job call eddy!



Date: 11/18/2011

By: Kxori F

Subject: kitchen sink & bath

We have been having problems with our 2 sinks, and upstairs bathroom for a year. We have been very patient since our landlord insists that's the best it'll do. So a year passes and I reached my breaking point when my toilet would not flush, and how inconsistent my sink is.
I called Eddy's plumbing (found him on yelp). Eddy is awesome!
He came over and gave me a great deal and fixed the pressure and replaced the fixtures. He has some pretty interesting stories so make sure to ask!. Thank you Eddy for being so awesome!



Date: 08/19/2011

By: Karen

Subject: Fast and reliable service!

Jr. was great! He answered our desperate Sunday night call within an hour and resolved the issue about an hour later. Very reasonably priced and trustworthy. Living across the street has its advantage!



Date: 01/22/2011

By: Douglas Meltzer

Subject: Good Service

Eddy came here and did everything he could to make sure the drain was clean and charged less then half the amount the “other” guys did.
The “other” guys wanted to come back for $21,000.00 yes your reading that right and
They wanted to put in a whole new drain and dig holes in the driveway and I had to do

Get Eddy and stay happy and sure your paying a fair amount.

Douglas Meltzer



Date: 12/11/2010

By: Esteban

Subject: Buen Servicio

Estoy agradeciendole por su buen servicio, infinitamente muchas gracias por el gran cambio, que hizo en nuestra casa, mi familia esta contenta, con el beneficio que uds. nos hicieron.




Date: 12/12/2010

By: Jr

Subject: Re: Buen Servicio

hello there i like the design and the complete layout of the webpage it is great... good job to Esteban



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